Company Background

CSC Robotic Engineering Limited (CSC ROBO) is a Hong Kong based technology and engineering company.

It was founded in 2019 as a subsidiary of Shun Cheong Engineering Group andfocuses on installation technology innovation and development for construction industry. Leveraging SCEG’ over 60 years' E&M engineering know-how,CSC ROBO contributes to industry's evolution with knowledge ofmechanics, automation, robotics, mechatronics, vision and digital modelling.

Constructionrobots development

Prefabrication design,supply and installation

E&M projectcontracting

Company Vision

Company Mission

CSC ROBO contributes to improve industry productivity by adopting and providing new innovative tools.


Short-Term Patent Specification (Hong Kong)

Drillraffe (D1)Patent No. HK30014802

Drillcorpio (D2)Patent No. HK30028829

Chinese Utility Model Patent (China)

Drillraffe (D1)Patent No. ZL 2020 2 0497195.6

Drillraffe (D1)Patent No. ZL 2021 2 1893076.3

Drillcorpio (D2)Patent No. ZL 2020 2 1423391.5

Drillcorpio (D2)Patent No. ZL 2021 2 0467909.3

Drillcorpio (D2)Patent No. ZL 2021 2 2878906.1

Membership of Associations

Federation of Hong Kong Industries(FHKI)

Full Member

Hong Kong Electrical Contractors' Association Limited(HKECA)

Associate Member

The Hong Kong Federation ofElectrical and Mechanical Contractors Limited(HKFEMC)

Associate Member